Your personal safety is our business and greatest concern. 

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is essential for the safety and protection of all members from emergency services, medical staff and ICU teams. Ensuring all vulnerable areas of the body are protected by PPE is vital, including PPE Full Body Suit, Face Masks, Goggles, Masks, Boot-covers and more.

Our supplies have CE, FDA and ISO certifications. 


Disposable Protective Full Body Suits:
It is certified proven suitable medical personnel to contact wth potentially infectious patients blood, body fluids, secretions and airborne particles to provide barrier and protection. The product is sterlile and comply with GB 19082-2009 standards and EN 14605:2005+A1:2009 Type 3 and Type 4

Face Shield & Googles:
The shield offers excellent disposable protection where there is a risk of exposure to splashing blood, body fluids, chemicals and/or other potentially infectious or harmful materials. The shield is anti-fog coated on both sides and is virtually impermeable to the liquid phase of most chemicals and reagents.

· Full facial protection from spray and splatter, includes a top visor shield;
· Anti-fog treatment on inside and outside of shield;
· Foam headband relieves pressure;
· Lightweight for ultimate comfort;
· Fast, easy to wear.

Shoe Covers:
Shoe covers made up of impermeable fabric to be used over shoes to facilitate personal protection and decontamination.

Nitrile gloves are preferred over latex gloves because they resist chemicals, including certain disinfectants such as chlorine. There is a high rate of allergies to latex and contact allergic dermatitis among health workers.